Last week, SC Silver Team in Cyprus had an amazing wellness event at Cyherbia Botanical Park, including breathing meditation, yoga and stress relieving practices.

Cyherbia photo

Cyherbia Botanical Park is a unique place in Avgorou – Cyprus. Features herb gardens, a large hedge maze, a forest planted in the shape of the island and a lavender meditation labyrinth.

Many thanks to our hostess Miranda and our yoga and meditation instructor Rachel for the incredible self-exploratory experience. They understand the importance of wellness and have figured out how to customize their material to a corporate audience.

Our Team appreciated the event during the work day as it allows for time to reset and return to work with a clear headspace, tranquility and vitality.

SC Silver Wellness Activity Team Photo

At SC Silver Consultancy, promoting mindfulness and well-being is an integral part of our culture and core values.

Prioritizing our Team’s health, participating in wellness activities and promoting better work-life balance is a valued part of our normal work environment.

If you ask us, WHY WELLNESS, our answer is because WE CARE.

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