Special thanks to our colleague Valeria for giving SC Silver Team the opportunity to participate in a very interesting workshop on Temperaments.

We’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to explore different temperaments for each other and ourselves. Temperament knowledge has helped us understand and navigate individual differences more effectively towards team building.

As far back as 400B.C., the Greek Physician Hippocrates noted that there are four fundamental temperament types that are exhibited in humans:

  • Sanguine – enthusiastic, active, and social

  • Choleric – short-tempered, fast, and irritable

  • Melancholic – analytical, wise, and quiet

  • Phlegmatic – relaxed and peaceful

The four temperaments

Temperament is our basic, inherited style; it is not learned. Each temperament possesses unique qualities and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each temperament can help everyone become more effective for a successful career and happier life.

Different Temperaments

The idea of this workshop is not to generalize people.  We are all a blend of these four types, with one (and maybe two) being dominant.  Training, lifestyle, childhood experience, education and health all play a part in molding our personalities and differentiating us. Two people can have the same temperament, but due to various environmental and lifestyle factors can have different personalities.

However, understanding the dynamics associated with temperament and personality does play a key role in how we can build better work teams.

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