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Who we are

In late 2018, SC Silver Consultancy launched as a small collective of friends with diverse working backgrounds that included 20+ years of experience in SAP and IT, from a range of clients and industries around the world. We have since developed into a multicultural customer-centric team spanning the globe.

What we do

By keeping up with all the current SAP trends, we are able to provide our partners with cutting-edge consulting and development support throughout their SAP journey. With our experience and industry network, we can offer tailor-made SAP support and solutions for installations and projects of all sizes and budgets.

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What we’re about


Empowering Businesses Through Technology


To provide innovative and sustainable solutions
that enable our clients and team to evolve

We live and work by a values-based approach and long-lasting partnerships.

We will guide you through your digital transformation to innovate faster, reduce costs, and lower risks.

Our Core Values

We Care

The uncompromising principle by which we treat each other and our clients. It is the source from which all ensuing values rise.


Elevate Others

We grow together by sharing knowledge, giving constructive feedback, and recognizing that every contribution has value and meaning.


Enjoy the Journey

We infuse our work with a deep sense of purpose and in so doing, achieve our goals while enjoying what we do, with the people we’re doing it with.


Be a Fearless Visionary

No idea is too extreme to think about and discuss; we use imagination to drive innovation, and failure to make us stronger.


Always Deliver Quality

The quality of our work is explicit without a single word being spoken.


Breathe & Practice Mindfulness

We are present in the moment and know when it’s time to take a step back, breathe and celebrate life


Make it Simple but Significant

Looking at the bigger picture allows us to streamline solutions and processes while building something worthwhile.

Core Team

CEO & Founder - Christian Gihr

Christian Gihr

CVO & Founder

SAP Consultant - George Markou

George Markou

Managing Director

SAP Consultant - Siham Abouzaid

Siham Abouzaid

Head of Consulting

SAP Developer - Christian Schuster

Christian Schuster

Head of Technology

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